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  5G_1   Introduction to 5G radio   2 days
  5G_2   5GC : 5G Core Network   3 days
  5G_3   HTTP2 signaling network for the 5GC   3 days
  5G_4   5G Network and Services and OSS impacts   2 days
  5G_5   5G Data Architecture : UDM, UDR, UDSF   3 days
  5G_6   5G mMTC 5G versus 4G LTE-M/NB-IoT   2 days
  5G_7   Protocols for the Internet of Things (IoT)   3 days
  5G_8   5G End-to-End System (5GS) : Architecture, Procedures and 5G-4G Interworking   2 days
  5G_9   Lawful interception in 4G and 5G networks   2 days
  ACC1   FTTH : Very Wide Broadband Access Network   3 days
  BUS1   Investment decision making : Economy, Technological and organizational aspects - Application to IMS   1 day
  BUS2   Backhauling   2 days
  IP1   Designing IP-based Services   3 days
  IP2   Carrier-Class Ethernet   2 days
  IP3   WebRTC : Architecture, Signaling, Media and IMS interworking   2 days
  MOB0   GSM Network and Services   3 days
  MOB1   Mobile Networks and Services and their Evolutions   3 days
  MOB10   WIMAX   2 days
  MOB11   3G Network and Service Architectures   3 days
  MOB12   Next Generation Network for Mobile Networks : 3GPP R4   3 days
  MOB13   Long Term Evolution of 3G : LTE, ePC, PCC, CSFB and VoLTE   5 days
  MOB14   3G Service Architectures   2 days
  MOB15   Short Message Service Architecture in GSM/GPRS and ANSI-41 Networks   2 days
  MOB16   CAMEL-based prepaid service and its management   3 days
  MOB17   Long Term Evolution (LTE) Radio Engineering   3 days
  MOB18   Mobile Charging Architectures   2 days
  MOB19   Packet switching in mobile networks : GPRS (2G and 3G) and ePC (4G)   3 days
  MOB2   CAMEL and its Evolutions   2 days
  MOB20   DIAMETER and its Applications in LTE/ePC/IMS   3 days
  MOB21   Mobile Authentication for Mobile, Wireless and Internet Services   3 days
  MOB22   Policy and Charging Control (PCC) in 3G, LTE and IMS   3 days
  MOB23   Control and Signaling Protocols in the Mobile Circuit Switched Domain   3 days
  MOB24   Advanced Evolved Packet Core (ePC)   3 days
  MOB25   Voice over LTE (VoLTE) with IMS   3 days
  MOB26   M2M and IoT : Network and Service Architectures   2 days
  MOB27   Architectures for non-3GPP access to ePC, their interfaces and services   2 days
  MOB28   RCS UP : Rich Communication Suite Universal Profile   2 days
  MOB29   WiFi Access to ePC Architectures and Associated VoWiFi/WiFi Calling Service   3 days
  MOB3   DIAMETER and its Applications in IMS   3 days
  MOB31   IP Interconnection for Telephony and network interconnection for 2G/3G/4G Roaming   3 days
  MOB32   Network and Service Virtualization, SDN and NFV   2 days
  MOB33   SDN, OpenFlow and Application to ePC (Evolved Packet Core)   2 days
  MOB34   3GPP-based Mobile Packet Core Network Evolutions for M2M/IoT in LTE-M and NB-IoT context   2 days
  MOB35   Radio Evolutions for M2M/IoT   2 days
  MOB37   Security in SS7, SIGTRAN and DIAMETER Signaling Networks   3 days
  MOB4   The GPRS Network and its Evolutions   3 days
  MOB5   Roaming in 2G, 3G and 4G Mobile Networks   3 days
  MOB6   Operations, Maintenance and Optimization of Cellular Systems   3 days
  MOB7   Cellular network planning   3 days
  MOB8   IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Service and Network Architectures   3 days
  MOB9   MAP Signaling : Mobile Application Part   2 days
  NGN0   PSTN Evolution towards Voice over IP and Next Generation Networks   2 days
  NGN1   Network and Service Architectures of Fixed and Mobile Next Generation Networks   3 days
  NGN12   IP-Centrex and its Integration in NGN/IMS Networks   2 days
  NGN13   Introduction to IMS : Network, Services, Migration Scenarios and Investment   1 day
  NGN14   Network and Service Architectures for Fixed-Mobile Convergence and IMS   2 days
  NGN15   SIGTRAN : M3UA, M2PA and SCTP   3 days
  NGN16   Advanced IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)   5 days
  NGN2   Services Architectures in Current Networks and Next Generation Networks   2 days
  NGN3   MEGACO/H.248 : Architecture, Protocol and Services   2 days
  NGN4   SIP : Architecture, Protocol and Services   2 days
  NGN7   SIP Service Architecture   2 days
  NGN8   SIGTRAN : Architecture, Protocols and Services   2 days
  NGN8   Introduction to SIGTRAN   1 day
  NGN9   Voice over DSL   2 days
  SI1   Operation Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS)   2 days
  SI4   SNMPv1, SNMPv2, SNMPv3 and RMON   2 days
  SI5   Management of Next Generation Networks   2 days
  SI9   Accounting/mediation and billing processes in the telecom operator's business development   1 day
  SIG1   ISUP : ISDN User Part   2 days
  SIG2   Signaling System 7 and its Evolutions   2 days
  SIG3   The Intelligent Network and its Evolutions   2 days
  SIG4   Unified Messaging   1 day
  SIG5   Messaging : Principles, Architectures and Solutions   1 day
  TLC1   Telecommunications Network and Service Architectures   2 days

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